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It all started in a rented garage with four millennials, most fresh out of college, who wanted to help bring more compassion, joy, and free time to their communities and people’s lives.  They then decided the best way to do so, was to bring their hearts into your home and started Mylenia Home Services.  

Our hearts and staff range from our captivating and charming CEO/ Co-founder, a retired monk, millionaire, and Master magician. Our prodigious and practical president/ Co- founder, a graduate of APU and Master business women. Our vivacious and vibrant vice president/ Co -founder also a graduate of APU and Master estimator. As well as our sunny and sparkling secretary/ Co- founder an LMU graduate and Master people lover in conjunction with our Master trainers, supervisors, and managers. All Mylenials and Millennials at heart ready to bring and be that positive person in your home.
We strive to not only be the best Cleaners for your home and office, but the best People for your Home and Office. Although we are only human we are Good People trying to make a super-human difference where it counts. Starting with all of our employees and staff whom have all gone through intense hiring, training and background processes to ensure and insure your home/office and belongings, to ongoing support, systems, and solidarity to provide You with the best Solutions, Solvents, and Services for your Home and/or Office.
Our short but evolving story here at Mylenia has been shaped through many triumphs and tragedies but overall has been a positive learning experience that has formed us into the company we are today who values service, respect, happiness, honesty and above all else Your happiness and satisfaction. We hope you enjoy our growing and rich array of Home Services we offer and remember: Home is not only where the Heart is but it’s now where Mylenia is.  
P.S.: We are still in that rented garage so please hire us!                     to live chat, email or text us for your free estimate now.
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